totally rad Easter activities to do with your kids

a roundup, of three totally rad Easter activities to do with your kids in this strange, hurry up and wait spring. I hope my kids can remember this Easter, us laughing at home around the kitchen table amid paint and lots of glitter.

From making slime, to crafting a cute lil pom pom pet, to learning the science of flowers, these are simple activities using supplies you can pick up at the grocery store or adapt to what you already have on hand. Remember to stay safe.


Our newest pets, and there’s no litter to clean. It’s a win win.

Supplies: egg carton, yarn for pom poms, pipe cleaners/googly eyes/paper for eyes and beak, paint, + a generous sprinkle of glitter

Our TIKTOK process video here!

The kids first created nests by painting egg carton pieces in various spring colours. Yes, our Crayola paint is gone, and we are now into the high end Martha Stewart acrylic stuff. While the paint was still wet, they added a very generous sprinkle of glitter. Pro tip: everything is better with glitter. I have an obscene amount of craft supplies, so while they were painting and glittering, I made multi coloured pom poms. The yellow size Clover pom pom maker was the perfect size to fit into the egg cartons. We used googly eyes and pipe cleaners for eyes and beaks.

I strung up a few on a vintage gingham ribbon as a garland for decoration. The kids are still running around with theirs as pets. Next time we do this craft, we are going to try making bunnies!

Adaptations: paint plastic eggs instead of using pom poms. Use paper for eyes and beaks or bunny ears.


The ooiest, gooiest, most delicious slime there ever was or ever will be. We used this recipe from Little Bins For Little Hands.

Supplies: marshmallow Peeps, vegetable oil, corn starch

Definitely err on the side of more corn starch if you don’t love a sticky slime. The peeps don’t need to be melted down to mush, just warmed through and soft before you start mixing. Ours was almost, but not quite, play doh and absolutely perfect. Yes, it’s also edible. Hoping for all the peep colours next time we make this.

Adaptations: I’ve heard you can also use icing sugar which absolutely sounds more delicious. And of course, any cooking oil will do.


Add a few drops of food colouring into a vase of white tulips, and abracadabra, SCIENCE.

Supplies: white tulips, food colouring, vases

We talked about how stems on cut flowers, and roots on plants, transport water and nutrients to the plant. We tried a couple different colours, but the blue dye turned out the best for us. Many grocery stores carry cut tulips around Easter time, so I hope you are able to pick some up safely if you decide to try this for yourself. For a quicker colouring, cut the stems shorter.

It’s strange to think of Easter at home, instead of surrounded by extended family and tons of cousins + egg hunts at home instead of the park. Remember to not pressure yourself to do all the things, make all the things, be all of the things this Easter. You’re doing your best. This is a crazy time, but if these activities can help get you out of your headspace for a little while and put a smile on your child’s face, please enjoy. Make some memories, hold those babies, sprinkle lots of glitter. It’s a one of a kind time. It’s going to be okay.

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