retail therapy & such

Retail therapy exists entirely in the form of this dress. A boho Cinderella, it reminds me of the live action Cinderella movie (2015, with the impeccable Lily James), my absolute favourite. The perfect shade of blue, and long, so long, and twirly. Sing sweet nightingale while doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, every day it’s Cinderella (actually, it’s mum!!! but you know, logistics).

And then there are the postcard prints I purchased from Matt Darling. “If we all feel alone, at least we are together in that.” Simple little things that are a promise: yes, add hope to cart.

New free colouring pages from Ambivalently Yours and from Katie Gamb. And Cleo Wade‘s email newsletter that was a breath of fresh air: keep going, breathe through this.

Both kids have birthdays soon. A couple of bows & such from Little Bow Co Canada for Aslynn + LOLs of course, a splurge worthy Micro scooter for B.

My ever growing, mental wish list: vintage floral dishes, a teacup set, floral sheets, floral everything, antique gold mirrors and frames. Treasures to find when things are better and thrift stores reopen.

A great big chalk art thank you at the mail box. For our heroes, the ones helping us through. A sign on the window, for the ones that deliver right to our door. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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