children’s fashion brand photography : jaxed jeans and vi&jax

My photography journey is a long, windy one like those circuitous roads in the mountains. A thousand pictures of trees, flowers, and my home; and then my babies; dabbling in my own Etsy shop. Having a lot of people tell me that this is what I should be doing, and me smiling and nodding because yes, what a dream. And then my very first photoshoot in 2017: Janice and our girls in tutus at the sweet shop. And then a couple thousand photos of our daughters in tutus, pocket crews, leotards, and jaxed jeans later, learning, growing – here we are. (and here we go, once we kick coronavirus butt – onward, dream bigger)

Jaxed Jeans is clothing brand based in London, Ontario and the expert on hand distressed denim, both upcycled and new. Rad jean jackets for the whole family, upcycled pocket crews, kick ass denim, you name it, Janice will distress it and make it awesome. You can shop Jaxed Jeans HERE and follow on Instagram HERE.

From leotards and tutus to dance in, tights & knee socks, to peplums and more, Vi&Jax is the Canadian powerhouse behind leo of the month and functional, everyday kids wear. You can shop Vi&Jax HERE, follow on Instagram HERE and HERE.

Taking photos of these girls has been such a privilege and adventure in itself. I’ve been so lucky to work so closely with these shops in creating their brand photography, shop listing images, and social media content. What a wild ride it’s been.

Tapping-my-foot excited to work with more small shops to create their branding photography when we are in the clear. If you are a shop and think we should work together, please slide into my inbox!

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