my favourite artists

ghost print by Olivia Faust

Ambivalently Yours : pink feminist art that is both hopeful and questioning. These pieces particularly speak to my soul. Along with introspective thoughts on emotions and feminism, these challenge your thoughts and opinions while teaching you that it’s okay to feel your emotions all over the place. It’s okay to be you. I get all tongue tied trying to explain my love for Ambivalently Yours, she is imperfectly perfect.

art by midnite tremors / matt darling

Matt Darling : I am two sides of the same coin (pastel pink and emo goth, will I ever grow up). And I almost feel as if Ambivalently Yours is one side, then Matt Darling is the other. Minimal, black and white art, throw in Anxiety Ghost and a skeleton. Simple phrases, like ‘Empathy is more rebellious than a middle finger,’ ‘Hopelessly devoted to an idealized version of you,’ ‘If we all feel alone, at least we are together in that.’

from the studio of Olivia Faust

Olivia Faust : The most enchanted & enchanting artist in the universe. The perfect menagerie of sketches, paintings, felted creatures, more, + the sweetest kitty Henri. Olivia’s art is magical in every sense of the word with extravagant details.

Mab Graves : A contemporary pop surrealist artist, think big eyes waifs on fairy tale adventures. Mab also runs a Drawlloween art challenge every October and is the president of the Sick Girls Club, in which she brings awareness to disorders such as endometriosis.

Amy Dixon : Thick, textured acrylic landscapes and abstracts. These paintings are truly inspired by nature and are spontaneous and beautiful. Amy also is a part of Canadians Create – live art tutorials by Canadian artists.

Rachel Burke : Bringing credence to the statement – there is no bad art. Pure magic + tinsel + lots of fun IG lives/tutorials for creating your own ‘bad art’ from kitchen supplies and sequins, particularly showcasing the many uses of tinfoil. The imakestagram account is one of my most inspiring follows because of the creativity that can be showcased in ordinary objects. And lots of tinsel, let’s be honest.

For children, I believe it is so important to fill their bedrooms, their spaces, with artwork to inspire their hopes and dreams, to teach them that art can be anything: “bad art” is still art. Art for kids is so important, I believe this down to my toes. For my kids rooms, they have an ever rotating mix of my favourites, their own artwork, along with pieces by Violet Eyes and Mrs. Mighetto – both playful watercolours ideal for children.

art by Violet Eyes
Art by Lolle and Mrs Mighetto

Take the time to find art that speaks to your soul, I promise you it will be worth it.

No affiliate links, all my own opinions, thank you very much.

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