dinosaur activities for kids!

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We are at dino level quarantine. A tiny bit over Google Classrooms and Zoom meetings, so bring in the dino reinforcements.

Here’s some dinosaur activities we had a lot of fun doing this week! Miniature dinosaurs are needed – nay, required. Because the amount of baking soda you would need to encase a full size dino is astronomical. Similar Melissa & Doug ones at Indigo here.

  1. Fizzy dinosaur eggs

This activity came from Little Bins for Little Hands. Using baking soda, water, and a bit of food colouring, mold the eggs with a dino hidden in the middle of each and then freeze them. Apply the magic potion (vinegar) to the eggs, add a bit of brushing for archeological authenticity, and voila! This was a perfect science activity, and a lot of fun too from molding the eggs to the chemical reactions!

2. Dinosaur ice excavation

This activity also came from Little Bins for Little Hands. I froze the mini dinos in a muffin tray overnight, and then the kids took turns spraying each dino free from the ice. This was a brilliant outside activity, but could also be adapted for a water table, baking dish, or kitchen sink!

3. Salt dough dinosaur fossils

Become real kindergarten archeologists with this activity from Pre-K Pages. And unlike the previous two activities, you can use the fossils again and again. We made a small batch of salt dough (1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup water, 1 cup flour) and pressed the mini dinosaurs into timbit size balls of dough to create the fossils. After the dough was dried in the oven and cool, I hid the fossils in kinetic sand (dried beans or rice in a sensory bin would be great too or even outside in the sand box!), and the kids got at it with their paint brushes to find the fossils.

And if that wasn’t enough and you need even more dinosaur:

  • watch the dinosaur episode of The Magic School Bus (on Netflix, season 2 episode 4) or The Magic School Bus Rides Again (on Netflix, season 2 episode 1)
  • read That’s What Dinosaurs Do by Jory John (also the author of my current favourite children’s book The Good Egg)
  • these free colouring pages from Real Life at Home
  • an actual Dinosaur Encyclopedia to learn all the things!

And you can always follow my Pinterest for more STEM, crafts, and activities for kids!

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