our butterfly kit

One of my better quarantine homeschool purchases was this painted lady caterpillar to butterfly kit. My kids have been fascinated with all the bugs and slugs they can find in the backyard, so to have these caterpillars in the house and being able to watch them grow each day was a real adventure.

We learned about how caterpillars shed their skin as they outgrow it, and all about their poops and their webs. We watched them move to the top of their containers and drop down into a J shape before shaking around and forming their chrysalis. We learned about the caterpillar soup that happens in the chrysalis. We saw some weird things come out. And we were lucky enough to watch a few butterflies quickly emerge from their chrysalis and dry their wings.

A few more clicks about butterflies and other things we’ve been enjoying:

10 Fascinating Facts About Painted Lady Butterflies

MiniBeast Adventures with Jess on YouTube: we’ve learned so much about millipedes and spiders, and Jess has really helped the kids love all the creepy crawlies in the garden.

And the kids have absolutely been obsessed with Coyote Peterson on the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel to learn all about animals. IYKYK: stay wild, be brave, we’ll see you on the next adventure. But for real, maybe their generation’s Kratts Brothers?

And a safety note: you should generally avoid touching furry, spikey, or brightly coloured caterpillars because they can be toxic or poisonous. Painted lady caterpillars, however, are not poisonous, and my kids were extremely gentle and supervised when handling them. (Source)

Have you raised caterpillars to butterflies? This was an amazing experience and we are planning to do it again next year! For more process videos of our butterfly kit experience, head to my highlight on Instagram!

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