Hi! I’m Stevie, adventurer at heart, artist, dreamer, and hopeless romantic.

With a love of poetry, a beautiful sky, and photography, I live in London, Ontario with my family of four (plus two kitties). You can usually find us hitting up the thrift store for treasures + 80s wrestling action figures, taking turns between watching Star Wars/Frozen for the millionth time, or headed off into the woods for a proper adventure. Or lately, just at home.

I’m passionate about storytelling, about these fleeting moments and seasons we are in. There is nothing better to me than a spontaneous trip to the lake, or going for a walk downtown for donuts. I need to document this, to say we were here, we held hands here and my baby pressed his sticky cheek against mine when he was little and I carried him. I need to always be able to picture my daughter’s face, out of focus, so close to mine, giggling about something hilarious. The way my husband’s green eyes spark when they meet mine over the tops of our babies’ heads. These are the moments I will miss, this is what I want to remember.

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